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Turning Your Bathroom Into a Luxury Spa

After a long, hard day at work, aren’t you just longing to relax and unwind at home? How better to do that than in your bathroom? Of course, your bathroom isn’t such a great get away from it all retreat if it is all functional, hard, bright surfaces, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth to transform your boring, functional bathroom into a luxurious master spa suite retreat. The new technology which is so easily available in a wide price range also means that you can be happy that you are also taking environmentally friendly options. Money spent of building a spa room in your home is never money lost as not only will you be trilled by the hours you spend relaxing in your very own private sanctuary; you will also be likely to recoup almost the whole cost if and when you go on to sell your property with a spa room.

Bathrooms used to be tiny, cramped little rooms we just did the necessary in and then rushed straight out of. However, these days, people are more often in search of a place to relax, and the bathroom is prime candidate. You may even want to consider extending the bathroom into the adjoining room to give yourself more room to relax.

Bathroom technology has really advanced. Power showers, multiple head showers and saunas are common. Reflective light bath tubs, heated floors etc are all things that are close behind in the bathroom popularity stakes. All these will give your bathroom all the comfort and relaxation offered in a spa.

Air jet whirlpools are also becoming a very popular luxury spa bathroom addition. Steam is forced under high pressure to give a champagne bubble effect through the water to gently massage your cares away. Enhance that experience with sea salt or bath oils and lie back and relax, safe in the knowledge that an air jet whirlpool also reduces the likelihood of fungus growth and also lessens the risks of hair, jewelry being sucked up into the jets.

Chromatherapy units, sytimulating given moods with various colored lights, are a great luxury addition to any spa bathroom. This holistic therapy has been shown to lift moods and help people to relax. Further enhance this with inline heaters which maintain a constant water temperature.

All these luxury spa bathroom additions may sound like they will cost the earth, but they certainly don’t have to be expensive. Whirlpool baths are actually very economical. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles. They can be fitted in a corner or in any space where a regular bath tub fits.

Soaking tubs where you can immerse yourself in water up to the chin are also popular choices for a luxury spa bathroom. Again, these are available in many styles and sizes.

It is not only the shower or bath which is important in creating a luxury spa bathroom. The flooring is also a major part of the design. Under-floor heating is one way to heat the room through electricity or water. Why step from a lovely warm bath to a cold floor when you don’t have to?

While you are doing all that relaxing in the bathroom, how about adding an entertainment system? You can have music and TV at your fingertips with televisions behind mirrors and everything controlled by waterproof remote controls.

Upgrade your fixtures and fittings and lie back enjoying the grand features of your luxury spa bathroom.

The author is the owner of an established plumbing business. He writes articles on consumer information / protection , business in general and home improvement.
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