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Unlimited Long Distance Plans

For the last two decades unlimited long distance plans were only a fantasy for callers. Whether using a landline phone, a cell phone or Internet calling, users at some point or another wanted unlimited long distance plans, but companies just weren’t offering.

For telephones, those plans arose in the late 90s and came in a flood when cellular phone service delivered unlimited long distance. With CallDirek’s VoIP plans, unlimited long distance becomes truly unlimited for the first time.

Why do people prefer unlimited long distance plans? The freedom…

* to call relatives anytime
* to talk as long as they like
* to call customers and clients at any hour of the day
* to call without restrictions on what time free calls occur, such as only after 9 p.m. or weekends, and with exclusions against holidays
* to call without worry for the amount of minutes being used
* to talk without fear of a large bill, details of charges from simple calls will come in the mail

All the reasons that people love unlimited long distance plans are part of CallDirek’s plan, in addition to the many features that make it the best option for long distance. The one added bonus CallDirek offers are plans that allow unlimited on-net calling to family and friends with the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling plans.

Unlimited long distance plans deliver something consumers across the board have always wanted, freedom and ease. Still unlimited long distances plans can have pitfalls that frustrate consumers. The plans tend to cost an arm and a leg. Most companies use the plans as a premium service only for the wealthy and are only beneficial for people who might go over their minutes. CallDirek’s VoIP unlimited calling plans are affordable, plain and simple. They save money by replacing costly landline long distance rates with unlimited on-net calls through the Internet, reducing reliance on phone wires and using existing technology.

Sometimes unlimited long distance plans are not needed. One month a thousand calls can be made, and the next month only a few calls will be made, so that the plan doesn’t justify itself. For that reason, a phone bill analyzing both, months throughout the year, and then a yearly average, are beneficial to assessing whether the additional cost of an unlimited long distance plan is worth it.

With CallDirek, forget the analysis. The affordable rates provided by using VoIP phones and a computer mean the unlimited long distance plan is beneficial whether 50 or 5,000 minutes are used.

Another limitation is that the plans affect cell phone users in family plans, which cost them more money. With CallDirek, anybody in a family can use the account and the computer to make unlimited calls over VoIP infrastructure.

CallDirek delivers all of the benefits of unlimited long distance plans, without the sometimes costly annoyances. The plan also provides a free number, so now all you need is your CallDirek number and unlimited long distance calls are all yours.

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