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Use Mini-Sites for Maximum Profits

When you think about websites, you generally think about large, multi-page sites with tons of content and advertising.

But that’s just one way to go. If you want to focus on selling just one product, a mini-site can be much more effective. Mini-sites can also be used to sell a product from affiliate programs you’re promoting.

Mini-sites are inexpensive and easy to design, and once they’re set up, they pretty much run on autopilot.
All you have to do it create a one or two page website about one specific topic.

The first page is your sales page, and should focus on getting the visitor to buy your product. Keep this page simple. Don’t put in any fancy Flash or plug-ins, and keep graphics to a minimum

The second page is your confirmation page, thanking your visitor for buying your product. Your confirmation page can also be used to offer additional products.
It’s that simple.

Here are some tips for designing your mini-site.
• Optimize your mini-site for one specific topic by concentrating on just a few keyword phrases.
• Put your most important keyword phrase at the beginning of your TITLE
• Focus your DESCRIPTION on one specific product. Don’t generalize.
• Place your most important keyword phrase within a “heading” tag
• Insert a readable keyword phrase into your graphic “Alt” tags.
• Focus all of your body text on your product and include your keyword phrases into your text.

Once you’re up and running, you’ll want to drive traffic to your mini-site.:
• Advertise in targeted ezines.
• Purchase targeted banner advertising
• Bid on very targeted keywords in pay per click search engines.

Using mini-sites will certainly increase your sales. Test one out today.

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