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Use The Power Of Live Chats While Doing Online Marketing

When we talk about free classifieds in India, we cannot ignore the role play of the print medium in it. However, the print media or the newspaper, to be precise, is now becoming less effective with technology bridging the gap between knowledge and reach. As a marketing tool, free ads are now hugely popular among the SEO experts and web-users. The world of web is an excellent source of freebies. You may download full-length films, videos, music, reading materials etc and get discounted coupon codes. If you shop online and above a certain amount, you may end up getting free goodies too.

Posting free online ads and listing businesses is surely a boon that has successfully created positive online presence and helped in augmenting businesses. Besides, this kind of ad, online B2B chat has also become a powerful marketing tool. The chat tool is not only an efficient communication method that increases customer satisfaction but it also helps in perking up conversion rates lessening cart abandonment.

Both the marketing tools provide web users with a constant platform wherein the customers are allured each day. Once your ad has been put up, it will stay there forever unless you decide to delete it. There are various portals that allow you to post anything, buy, sell and trade. It is important to note here that while putting up classifieds for marketing purpose it is important for startups to emphasize on ads which are search engine optimized to gain maximum result for the efforts they put in. Sites that are search engine optimized are easily identified and indexed by search engines like Google and appear in top links when a related search is made. And by incorporating live chat option you can pull a lot of traffic to your site. It not only helps you to respond to your client accurately and without wasting any time but also builds trusts.

So, in order to provide prompt, hassle-free service and knowledge use live chat on your free ad portal. Besides, it also shows strong professional commitment as the recommended turn-around time for such inquiries is less when compared to queries via email. No matter what, a solid and sincere effort put on this type of communication sustains business relationship. It immediately provides you with the right support staff for the question or problem at hand closing deals in a timely manner improving customer retention.

When you buy goods and services for business purpose, you want to get the maximum out of them to make sure the best returns on money invested. Live chat is the current trend in the world of online business marketing that is immensely helping the buyers and the purchasers. It also helps you to troubleshoot any error on encountering a functional issue by understanding how the products have malfunctioned and giving proper solutions.

On such portals live online chats help in smooth operation by providing clear solution to the problem right away. It eliminates the very idea of sitting on the phone and waiting to talk to a customer care expert rather than an answering system.

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