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Use Your Visitor and Subscribers To Increase Your Web Site Traffic

Well In Order For This Step To Work You Have To Have Visitors First, So Follow The First Steps And Then move on to this step unless you already have visitors.
There are numerous ways to use your visitors to gain traffic some examples are

Start A forum and ask keyword targeted questions or discuss forums in niches then use the good stuff in newsletters and articles for links and even ebooks.
You can also do the same process with a blog and the blog can help you get traffic to you website directly and also adsense clicks or sell your products or affiliate someone else on your blog (you can do this on a forum but it doesn’t always work that well.
Get the tell a friend script where a person gives you someone else’s email address and have them go to a link either to sign up for your newsletter or your sales page or whatever you please.

have you customers or subscribers Write testimonials on your product and affiliate product or even your newsletter. and use these as content on your web site or use it in an ad copy to send to other peoples newsletters or ezines.

Send Your Mailing list a survey to understand them more and see what there having problems with or what they want to learn more about. this way you are almost sure to get sales.

In some cases if you visitors have there on site you can use ask them to write about what they know a lot about and give them a link in there about author box that way you get content and they get a link.
there are many different ways to use your visitors all you have to do it set aside some time to think of how you can get people to tell others about your website one way or another on of the best ways I’ve seen is by giving away free stuff with links that go back to your website or product. which bring me to the viral marketing

The Key to getting more Visitors From Your Visitors Is Viral Marketing. Make Your Free Stuff Spread Like A Virus Make Everyone Want Your Free Give Away That They Can’t believe your letting go for free.
If you want the meat and potatoes of getting more website traffic you should definitely sign up for the rest of the free steps check it out in the about author box

Emmanuel Aubrey Website Creator/Power Affiliate.
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