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Using A Medical Patch To Treat Blood Pressure

The Clonidine Patch is a medication that is being used to control hypertension and many other things. Its use first became popular for the treatment of hypertension in the 1950s. After that it’s been useful for problem including pain, psychiatric disorders and many others.

This patch is easy to use. You won’t ever miss a dose of the medication by forgetting once you took your last pill. You just put the patch on, and you will forget about remembering your doses. One and only thing you should do is to ensure you replace the patch once a week to obtain the maximum result.

You just make sure that your peel off the clear backing and then apply the patch to a hairless part of your skin. After that, you may forget about it until the week after. You have to change the patch each 7 days. You will need to ensure it is the same day each week.

To dispose of the old patch, you just fold it in half ensuring that the medicated part is to the inside. There’s still some medication inside it and you want to protect children or pets from unintended overdose. Then, just throw it away.

You don’t want to go past the 7 days or it will alter how this medication will manage your condition. In case you let it lapse with hypertension, you can risk your life. This could let you have a stroke or a heart attack.

Other things that this Clonidine patch is used for is to assist a sufferer wean off a drug addiction. This medicine can be used for the opioid dependent person. When a person has an accident or chronic pain, where there will be an extended need for pain killers, a physician may recommend codeine or oxycodone to control the pain.

An addition occurs when the body develops a tolerance to the medicine prescribed and the need for it increases. Once the person attempts to quit taking the medication, they go through a withdrawal. This is very painful. The need to enhance the dosage to get the same result starts a vicious circle.

Clonidine is a medication useful to get a person through the withdrawal process by replacing, gradually, the medication they’re dependent to with a substitute. This medication is used to make the person comfortable while they’re going through the withdrawal stage. They’re then gradually taken off the Clonidine by stepping down the dosage until they’re drug-free.

Another use for this drug is to manage multiple psychiatric problems. Many of these issues are stress, post-traumatic stress disorders, borderline personality disorders and panic disorders. The Clonidine has a mild sedative action to help the patient deal with their condition.

For a veterinarian, the use of this drug has been in the area of surgery. The animal is given the medication to prepare it for surgical treatment or other procedures. It produces a loss of sensation and sedation so the animal does not feel the discomfort of the procedure.

It’s always best to talk with your physician about clonidine patch before you make use of this medication. However, for your convenience, visit clonidine dose for additional information.