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Using Corporate Video Production with the Internet

Corporate video production is beneficial in nearly any aspect of your business. With the popularity of websites like Facebook and Youtube, the internet is an increasingly great place to advertise and promote your product or service. Videos that have gone “viral” have become ubiquitious in conversations around the water cooler and the dinner table, and there is no reason for you not to capitalize on the popularity of online videos.

Filming a video for online purposes follows the same process that any corporate video production would undertake. Whether you are looking for an amateur look for Youtube or a more professional style, having an appropriate script is key, as is good communication with your videographer. After production and the initial editing process, be sure to watch a cut before you approve the final edit, just so you are completely sure your product meets your expectations.

Once you have the final video, it is time to put it online and promote it. If your company does not have a YouTube account, it’s time to create one. Not only does a YouTube account provide a destination for all your video projects, but it lets you see viewer responses and analytics using the YouTube Insights function. Once you have uploaded to the web, your business can easily share it with people all over the world. You can email people the web link to the video, put it on Facebook, or embed the video on your website. In fact, it might be a good idea to post a video on your websites front page, to give visitors a quick introduction to your business.

There are so many social networking websites that provide you with limitless possibilities for promoting not just your corporate video production but also your entire business. Creating a Facebook page where employees and clientele “like” content or have conversations provides your online followers with a place to see and discuss all your new content. Similarly, you can create a company Twitter account and post brief updates relating to your company as well as links to Youtube videos you have created. Sharing websites such as Digg and StumpleUpon also allow you to share your corporate video production with thousands, if not millions, of internet users across the globe.

If you are interested in focusing on your own website, you may want to consider creating a blog. A blog for your company allows you to post any kinds of promotions, sales or discounts you in which you want your customers to take part, in addition to being the perfect venue for your corporate video production.

Irwin Myers is the president of Video One Productions, a Chicago video production company that has helped businesses and individuals with their multimedia production, editing & duplication needs since 1987. Visit our website at Video One Productions and our blog at Video One Productions Blog