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Using Premium Content To Increase Website Traffic

This is a Five Part Article, An excerpt From My Free Report

Premium Content What is That Well That is Anything That is tried and true anything that has already got result it’s a fact and can be used right now and get results.

Most of the time your going to have to pay for premium content but sometimes you can find it for free an example of premium content can be found at you can get permission to use there case studies for your own purposes.

So basically it’s content from other people work not just hypothesis that float around the internet. Another resaon it’s good is because it can’t be copied like other content because it was an actul study.

How does this get you content will you can use it as the main point in an article you send out to get traffic by links to you web site.

Since its good content the people reading it will be more likly to keep listening to you and start to build trust with you.

Another Way to use these articles to gain traffic is to compose an ebook with the content you can and give it away free with links to your web site, product or affiliate link.

If you start thinking about the mission you are trying to accomplish here you can come up with many ways to use this premium content.

Put it on your website optimize it with targeted keywords do some link exchanging put the main keyword as your link anchor and get a high search enginge ranking which causes more traffic.

Create A newsletter separate the information into topics and have some type of product for you subscribers to buy or put half the information in the email then tell them they can read the rest at your website which you have adsense ads for them to click ( don’t tell them to click the ads though)

There are many ways you can use this content. I know this article doesn’t cover a lot but I covers one topic thoughly there are many other ways to get traffic that in combination with this can increase your traffic one hundred fold to find out more you can sign up for free to receive the other 4 Traffic resoucres ( by the way there are many more than 5 steps but you’ll have to join for the rest)

Emmanuel Aubrey Website Creator/Power Affiliate.
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