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Using Videos To Enhance Your Trade Show Display

You’ve probably heard about or seen companies that include videos as a key element of their trade show display. It’s incredibly common in all fields of today’s conventions, not just the more technical fields. Perhaps you’ve thought that these setups are too high budget, and that great trade show display media is out of your reach. However, you can have a great video with great impact – you just need to think a bit outside the box.

Video Basics

Filming media is much less complex than you think. In fact, the majority of digital cameras can now record quality video. Anyone can record footage, and anyone can find a free online program (or purchase something inexpensively) to put that footage together and make a movie. What is slightly more difficult is to use an animation program or other specialized tool to create a different look.

Luckily, that ‘polished’ graphic sequence you saw at last month’s convention isn’t the only type of media that visitors love. If you are facing a budget constraint, you can see just as much visitor response to your homemade movies. You don’t need to spend like the biggest companies in the field to leverage media to your advantage.

What Does Your Trade Show Display Need?

Before you film anything, consider what would most benefit your product and your company. Are you trying to launch something new? If so, then you should focus your media on that. If you are present to further establish your brand, consider behind-the-scenes footage that explains your company to viewers.

Turning Footage Into Foot Traffic

The real trick to draw the eyes of visitors is nothing more than creative editing. Movement is what gets attention; have your footage fading in and out, or doing something interesting on the screen, and you’ll find that it turns heads. What exactly goes on depends, again, on your goals. You can maintain a professional image while using some of these tactics. However, you may want to explore some of what you can do with video editing and consider having fun with the process.

Placement Of Media In Trade Show Displays

There are two primary categories of video: the kind that belongs outside, gathering attention, and the kind that belongs inside, explaining your company and driving sales. Promotional videos that belong on the outside are generally attention getters. They attract visitors without them having to focus too hard. They are the showstoppers, but they don’t explain every detail of your product.

The multimedia found inside your actual trade show displays will have more of an educational role. Once your visitors have entered the trade show display, they are already interested in what you have to offer. Explain it to them in more detail so they will be further convinced to make a purchase.

Don’t classify a particular clip as one type of content or the other simply because it has an ‘educational’ element. A small segment from an interview may have its place outside the walls of the trade show display, while a graphically beautiful product demonstration may be too detailed to grasp the public’s attention. What’s best is to use a test group and get their reactions to your setup. If you are sufficiently cautious to place only interesting footage outside your trade show displays, you will see a benefit. The investment in time to shoot the footage is almost always worth it.

Chris Harmen is an author with Skyline, New Jersey trade show displays experts. Skyline produces media-ready trade show displays in New Jersey, emphasizing video display and technology.