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Using Webwatcher Keylogger to Protect Your Children

The internet is probably the greatest communications tool in history and gives us the ability to share information around the globe. Because broadband penetration is rising every year, more and more people have access to the internet and that includes more children in families. While the internet may be a fantastic tool for education, it also exposes children to a lot of content that parents find objectionable and there are very few tools out there that can offer adequate protection. There are some tools like Webwatcher Keylogger that are helping many parents to keep their children safe.

While keyloggers are often considered to be a type of malware, that is just because they are often abused by people that are trying to get information from someone without their knowledge. Many of the keyloggers like this are often part of a trojan program that are installed when someone is downloading something from the web. That doesn’t mean that every keylogger is malware.

One of the ways that children are most exposed when they are online is through the use of Instant Message clients. There are several very popular clients like MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and AOL Messenger, and predators feel safe and anonymous when they contact children via IM. With the WebWatcher Keylogger you can monitor your children’s IM in real time and because the program is web based you can monitor remotely as well. This type of tool does far more than most web filters in that it doesn’t just filter URLS but rather it filters whatever keywords or phrases you set for it. If you child types a blocked keyword or surfs on a site that contains the blocked keyword then you will get an email and screen shot so you can see just what your child was doing.

Filtering content from the web is a good start when you are trying to protect your children but it is hardly enough to prevent communication with unwanted sources. Email is another popular method of communication on the web, but it’s not just important to know what is sent, but also what isn’t sent. With WebWatcher keylogger, you are able to see content that your child is typing, whether it is sent or not. The program is also capable of recording any usernames or passwords that your child uses. With WebWatcher you can be assured that no one is contacting your child or that your child has access to adult content through any computer you have installed it on.

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