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Video Production Tips Presented by a Professional Videographer

Chicago videographer production tips come from various stages in the process of making a video. Starting with pre-production, moving into production and finishing with post production, there are many aspects of videography to consider. These days it would seem that just about anyone would be able to make their own videos themselves with the wide array of camcorders and software on the market. The truth is that unless your goal is America’s Funniest Home Videos or to create the next Blair Witch Project, it’s best to go with a professional.

A professional videographer should be involved with the entire process from the very beginning. Discussing your ideas and goals is a fantastic way to insure that you get exactly what you are looking for from a videography service. Creative projects always grow best when communication is opened up between talented individuals. From music videos to infomercials, the project will develop into a stronger piece when developed under the care of a professional videographer. Corporate videos will excel with the aid of a videographer. Promotional videos, presentations and pieces concerning sales or information will become more enjoyable when created professionally with the guidance of a Chicago videographer. Family home movies become cinematic films with these services, too. For example, having a videography service produce the video of a wedding would preserve the memories of that special day in a beautiful format that matches the emotions of the event itself.

As important as the pre-production stage is, it all leads up to the production of the actual video. There are so many things to consider when producing a video. Cameras are of course a big decision. Single or multiple? There are so many styles to consider as well, from digital video to high definition. Other important aspects of videography include lighting and animation. Expert motion graphics can be used in a corporate video to motivate staff, but these animations can also be used for educational or entertainment purposes. Lighting’s importance spreads from being sure a scene is well lit to establishing moods.

With the proliferation of technology available today, people’s standards for videos are getting higher and higher. A professional Chicago videographer provides services that live up to these expectations in the post production phase. The editing process not only involves paring down all the footage filmed into a streamlined and cohesive video, but also features the introduction of a title sequence, transitions between scenes, and the addition of a soundtrack. Special effects, motion graphics, and the editing style are other considerations. You need to ask yourself if your video lends itself to fast cuts or slow meandering shots. The mood you plan to project must be communicated throughout every phase of the video production and editing process if you want to be a professional Chicago videographer.

Irwin Myers is the president of Video One Productions, a Chicago video production company that has helped businesses and individuals with their multimedia production, editing & duplication needs since 1987. Visit our website at Video One Productions and our blog at Video One Productions Blog