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Ways for Optimizing Your Website

Every company need to optimize their websites to become SEO friendly. If the company website is not SEO friendly, it will have a hard time ranking for the desired keywords. A website that is not properly optimized for the search engines will never get sufficient traffic from the search engine. There is a large percentage of buyers that come from the search engine. If your website don’t rank well in the search engine, you will lose a lot of potential customers.

To make sure you rank in the search engine, you have to optimize your site. If your website don’t rank well, it will look unprofessional. Customers prefer to buy from reputable online store. Reputable online store usually rank on the first page for the targeted keyword. Because the reputable store ranks for the high competition keyword, they are able to get a lot of customers each day. If your store rank at the back of the search result, it is highly likely that you won’t get customers because no one would visit the page at the back of the search result.

When optimizing a store, you have to take into account the types of audience you get. By learning about the type of audience you get, you will be know how to optimize your site. If you provide products and services for the local people, you have to optimize it for the local results. In this way, the local people will be able to easily find your website.

The domain plays an important role in the SERP ranking. It is best that you include one keyword in the domain. The keyword that you include in the domain must be related to the niche which you are promoting. It is not necessary to use a full keyword as the domain. For example, if you selling wedding cake, the word “wedding cake” must be included in the domain. You can brand the keyword with the name of your company. If you are making an information site, you can try to find low competition keyword to be used as the domain name.

By using a low competition keyword, you will surely rank on the top position in the search result. It is easy to rank on the top position when you are not competing with other websites. If you aim for high competition keyword, a lot of websites will compete with you and try to rank for it. The high competition keywords are keywords that have a competition above 100,000. It will be good if you can find keywords with competition less than 1000.

Low competition keywords have more words than high competition keywords. Long tail keywords are more specific and have a higher conversion rate. Short tail keywords such as “buy books” or “flight tickets” are too broad. Short tail keywords will always be ranked by websites that are authoritative and have existed on the internet for many years. If you are interested in selling your product, you should not use short tail keyword. Instead, you should aim for all the long tail keywords. In this way, you will be able to rank well in the search result.

Mascar Rooney is the author of this article on directory submission.

Mascar Rooney is the author of this article on Manual directory Submission Service.