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Ways To Determine The Authenticity Of Handmade Persian Rugs

The number of handmade Persian rugs available to buyers on and offline are staggering. Determining the authenticity of the rugs can be the biggest challenge for the majority of buyers. Prior to buying, people would do well to learn these simple tips to help them decide imitations from the real thing.

The way the rugs are designed and created should be the first thing buyers of handmade Persian rugs must learn. Real handmade rugs are easy to tell from manufactured ones. When created using technology, rugs don’t have any natural variations in them. On a real rug, people will see that the weave will not be perfectly the same everywhere because of the hand-made process. Perfection is not expected in the process of hand crafting a rug and these imperfections are important. If a buyer is looking for an authentic Persian rug, the best thing to do is to check for slight imperfections.

The rugs should also be made of specific materials if they are authentic handmade rugs. Buyers should ensure that the rugs are made from silk, and silk only. Silk has a particular look and texture to it that makes a Persian rug look like a Persian rug. Close inspection of the rug should let buyers know if it is actually made from silk or another material. A buyer can get a good idea if the rug is made from silk simply by feeling it because silk has a unique feel to it.

The best bet for buying an authentic rug is to work with and buy from an expert in the field. The salesperson that has worked in a family business collecting Persian rugs, as well as certified dealers, are the best choice for experts. But when all is said and done, those whose families have been in the business for generations and who have trained up inside those families are often the best choice. Handmade Persian rugs are easier to buy when an expert like these is consulted during a person’s search. They can even advise on other rug selections such as buying a braided wool rug.

Before making a buying decision, it is helpful for a person to know a few things about handmade rugs. A true Persian rug shouldn’t be crafted on a machine or out of materials that are not silk. Again, a true handmade Persian rug is always silk and nothing else. Experienced rug dealers and sellers are the best places for a person to purchase from because they know rugs better than anyone. Finally, be sure to get a rug that fits the space where it will be used and care for it properly.

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