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Ways To Increase Your Breast Size: What You Need To Know

A woman benefits from having a good cleavage. If you wish to increase your endowment, there are four ways to achieve it, and five common ways to apply them.

Do not embark on any breast enlargement procedure before considering whether it is really worthwhile. There are questions to answer. First, “Do guys really like big breasts?” It is certainly the case in North America that breasts catch men’s attention. Men notice physical cues that mean “woman” to them. Men’s attraction by breasts argues that breast enlargement is worth considering. But is it necessary?

The real question may be, “How do you make a guy want you?” For a particular man, breast size may be the overriding issue, but in general, physical features only attract initial attention. Qualities such as poise, grace, and confidence count for much more thereafter.

There are several methods that contribute to larger breasts. They include surgical interventions, pumps, herbs, pills, creams, stem cell injections, and breast exercises. All of these methods have advantages and disadvantages.

The surgical methods provides you instant breast augmentation to a size you choose, but predispose you to health risks like infections because invasive surgical procedures are involved.

Stem cell injections take fat from your own body which has a high number of stem cells, , increase the concentration of stem cells, and inject droplets into your breasts, sculpting them. The stem cells grow into new fat cells along with blood vessels and nerves. It does indeed grow new breast tissue.

One brand of pumps has been shown to work, but it does require application for hours a day for months. It is only advertised for a one-half to one cup size increase, and it is expensive.

Herbs include chemicals that naturally lead to breast growth, so in theory they should work. Herbs have been used to enhance breast growth in some traditional medicines, and women report success using them. But herbs are considered dietary supplements and are not regulated as medicine, so they have not been rigorously tested for safety and efficacy. We can not be certain that they are not hazardous, and they also require months–if they are working at all.

On the other hand, exercises will eliminate the health risks of the other methods. As with all the other natural methods, breast enlargement exercises–including the pectoral press, modified push-up, incline press, and side swerves–give you a slower progress of breast enlargement than surgery and less choice of size. The size increase is in the chest muscle rather than in the breast itself. Strength training does not cause women to bulk up the way that male body builders do, so do not expect a major increase in cup size. But, the natural way is safer, and health should not be compromised.

A word of caution, whatever you decide on: if you are going to make a major change to your diet or behavior, you should probably check with a physician.

These, then, are the four underlying ways of enlarging breasts: by inserting implants, by growing the underlying muscle, by enlarging the milk ducts, and by increasing the fat. They all have their costs and risks.

Find more detailed answers to “Why do men like breasts?” at the site, and more importantly to “How do you make a guy want you?” Thomas Christopher is a Colorado Front Range public speaker.