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We Were Thrilled To Find Some New Treatments For Prostate Cancer As They Were Very Successful

When my father was initially diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was really worried, so I immersed myself in the study of this disease and what alternatives there are to traditional therapies, which led me to some new treatments for prostate cancer. While I did some research, I found that there were quite a few different ideas from alternative medicine about how to treat and prevent prostate cancer. Of all of the different methods that I investigated, the one that stood out to me the most, and the one that I suggested to my dad, was prostate cancer hormone therapy.

Prostate cancer hormone therapy is a way to control or block the testosterone that is frequently used by cancer cells in the prostate to grow and multiply. I was hopeful about this treatment working for my dad because he was diagnosed early, and the cancer had not had opportunity yet to spread, and the hormonal therapy could prevent that from happening.

There were many different options within the range of hormonal therapy, so I left it up to my dad and his doctor to discuss the options and decide what would be good and what they wanted to do. I was quite pleased though, that my dad actually listened to me and did look into the new treatments for prostate cancer and had an open mind about alternative medicine, rather than just relying on the normal harsh invasive treatments.

The prostate cancer hormonal therapy that he tried worked out really quite well, and soon enough, the doctors were telling us that the cancer had actually stopped growing. He had several more treatments and happily, his cancer went into remission, which was a huge relief to all of us.

Even though my dad had overcome the disease, I felt inspired to fill my mind with knowledge about fresh ideas so that I could feel empowered and help men like my father, who will be forced to confront the unpleasant reality of prostate cancer at some point after they become middle aged. Eventually, when given the opportunity to go to college and make a career for myself, I decided that I will go to medical school and become a doctor, so that I can be a part of implementing new therapies and offering people the means to find new health alternatives and become well.

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