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Web Design can Delight or Cause Plight

You are probably an experienced web user. After all, you are reading this article are you not? That would mean you know enough to get yourself around the web and that you have probably visited countless websites. Have you noticed how different web sites can be? Some are brilliantly designed, they captivate your attention and clearly direct you to what you were looking for. Others are like running into a brick wall.

As soon as your web browser loads the page, your eyes are confronted with a design nightmare. Your visual senses are sickened with what lies before them. I think you can imagine several web sites fitting this description. It seems that their owners were more concerned with putting something on the Internet than putting up something people actually want to visit. Web design is like the interior design of a store. If you were a store owner, you would make sure that everyone visiting your store could find what they needed and that the look of the store was inviting.

You would not want your visitor immediately walking out after having walked in, so what is the difference with the Internet!? It is the same concept. If I am going to take the time to view your site, you should take the time to make it worth my while. Otherwise, get off the Internet! Fashion and design is continually evolving especially for the web. As accepted standards for the web change and improve, designers try to follow suit. Design firms that are setting trends for style tend to be located in trendy areas such as NY, MN and NJ. Web design can be performed by such firms, but can also be done by the individual. People desiring to design their own web presence should have several things in mind.

Learn HTML! Do not seek help from software coding programs or templates. These are quick solutions, but will not allow you to create the best design you of which you are capable. The web wants to see the best you have to offer. By learning HTML you will be able to effectively design and construct your web site. To add style, learn CSS. This is another simple language that can make your site sparkle with visual brilliance. Have the viewer in mind. Imagine your site through the eyes of someone new. This will help you create something your viewers will be excited to lay eyes on.

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