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What A Clean Driving Record Can Do For Your Auto Insurance Rates

You may have heard from many people that having a clean driving record is critical with regards to keeping your monthly auto insurance payments to a manageable level. However you should be aware of the specifics with how much your insurance rate can go up if you do happen to unfortunately get into an accident. The increase to your rate can make even the most affordable auto insurance incredibly expensive for most Americans.

The whole key obviously is avoiding an accident in the first place in order to have the ability to get cheap car insurance. So what happens if you do get into a car accident? First. A surcharge will be added to your insurance cost. A typical surcharge for a first time accident can be from twenty to fifty percent. Therefore, if your premium is $400 you could get a surcharge of $80 to $200 added to the cost of that premium.

In the event that you get into a second accident your surcharge will be even higher. It can get to be up to 150% after a second accident because of the high risk you are deemed to be carrying while driving. As a result of this that $400 premium could become $600.

In addition, getting a speeding ticket or other type of vehicle and traffic infraction will add to the value of your insurance. Depending on the type of ticket you got, and the auto insurance provider you use, will have a direct impact on the cost of your premium. These types of things can cause your insurance to go up by as much as sixty percent. In addition to this, the addition will last for a few years after it happens, thus causing you to lose at least a thousand dollars over the course of a few years all because of one speeding ticket.

The last reason as to why you should keep a clean driving record is to avoid what are called “points to your driving record”. It will be very difficult to find cheap auto insurance given your driving record is tagged with accidents and or driving infractions. Just as a simple example. If you have four points on your license your rate could increase by nearly 100%. If you have ten points it could be 300%. Therefore some of the most severe instances where you could earn points like being at fault in an accident, driving while intoxicated, and passing a stopped school bus can cause massive damages to your auto insurance rates.

Learning how to save on auto insurance could be as simple as just being responsible while driving your vehicle. To learn about how to get cheap high risk auto insurance, visit the website dedicated to high risk drivers. Getting cheap vehicle insurance is attainable if you can follow simple rules while driving your car.