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What Do You Need to Know to Learn Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription is a great career, very challenging, and you have to go through a solid training process to get a job in this industry. Without that training, you aren’t going to get that very important first job that will give you the experience needed to continue in this career.

The first thing you need to know before you start learning medical transcription is that your language and typing skills are good. If you have trouble with basic grammar and spelling, this isn’t the career for you at this time. It’s that simple. You will be wasting too much time learning basics you should already know.

Same goes for typing. If you can’t type at least 40 wpm, practice on your own until you can. Without this kind of speed, your transcription rate will be too slow.

The next thing you need to know is what makes a transcription school worth attending. It’s not as simple as doing an online search and picking the first result. That might not get you a good school. It might even result in being scammed.

A good online medical transcription training program is rigorous. It will challenge you. You will learn anatomy, physiology, prefixes, suffixes, transcription skills and more. You will learn medical transcription style and formatting. You will do significant quantities of real doctor dictation.

A good program is also Approved by AHDI. This helps to ensure that the program has been reviewed for quality by the largest association of healthcare documentation experts in the country.

A good program also has the approval of potential employers. If employers don’t think good employees come from a particular program, you probably aren’t going to get a job after graduation. Some employers partner with certain online schools.

You can also consider community colleges for your training, but few of these have as good a reputation as the top online programs. They can’t compete in sheer numbers of students going through the program, and so fewer employers know of them, even if they do a generally good job of training.

Finally, you will need to know how you plan on working. Many medical transcriptionists work from home, and if that is your intention, you need a plan. You need a home office. You need a way to keep distractions away while you work. You need dedication, as supervision is minimal when you work at home. Some of this you will figure out as you train, since training is rather like working when you do them from home. But when you finally start your real job, there may still be some surprises in for you.

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