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What Does BOL Stand For?

There is a lot of paperwork that is involved in shipping even when shipping domestically, and once you venture into the realm of shipping internationally there is going to be many times more paperwork to contend with. Many of these forms are unique to certain types of shipments, and will depend to a large extent on the laws covering those goods, but some are universal and required for almost every package that a Phoenix Delivery service might be shipping. One of the most basic of these is known as the BOL, which stands for Bill of Lading. If there is one form that every shipment is going to need it will be this one.

The reason the Bill of Lading is so important is because it documents all of the most important details of the shipping agreement. If there is ever a dispute about anything that was agreed upon in the shipping contract, or if border agents need the exact details of a shipment, all of that information will be contained in the BOL. The first thing listed in the document is going to be a detailed description of the actual objects that you are shipping, and their value, something that is very important for customers agents’ and tax purposes. Next, the origination address will be listed, as will the destination. The dates that the shipping contract was enacted on and when the agreed upon delivery date is will also be listed. This gives anyone that requires it the most complete picture possible of the shipping arrangement between your company and the courier that you used to ship your goods.

A Bill of Lading is going to be required for international shipping because every country has different laws not only that govern what can be imported into their country, but also about what kinds of fees, taxes, and duties need to accompany certain types of shipments. They may also need to know where the delivery is going as there may be regulations concerning the transport of certain types of goods within their country as well. Without a BOL, there is no chance that any international shipment is going to get across a border. This makes it extremely important not only that all your shipments include this document, but also that all of the applicable information on it is filled out correctly. That way you should have no problems shipping across the borders in question.

Paul McDuffy is a consultant for Phoenix courier and hawaii courier companies as well as national courier service businesses.