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What is a Residential Pickup/Delivery service?

If you were to examine the trends in new startup businesses opened over the last several years, one of the largest trends that you would see is the growing pattern of people starting businesses out of their homes rather than traditional business locations. This happens because many of these people are operating their businesses completely on the internet and they don’t need the expense of a traditional office or storefront. However, some of these businesses are still dealing in physical goods or require the shipping of documents or contracts, and as such they still need to find a courier in Phoenix that can give them service from their office. The difficulty with this is that most couriers are focused on performing their services in the downtown or business sectors of a city, not in the residential neighborhoods.

Residential pickup or delivery service implies that a courier company will happily do business in those areas of town. Even the couriers that don’t advertise this as one of their business offerings will often make a pickup or a delivery to an office located in a residential neighborhood, but you should discuss with them first what this might entail. The reason is that sometimes couriers have a surcharge or fee that they charge for whenever they go outside of a certain range of their location, especially if they are not a national company, but rather a messenger service which simply focuses on transporting things within the city, because the majority of their business is going to simply be within the downtown core of the city.

If you’re doing business in a residential area and are involved in an industry that is going to require you to have delivery service on a fairly regular basis, then you should look into finding a courier that actually specializes in residential pickup and delivery rather than trying to use the services of a company that is going to charge you a fee or surcharge just for coming to your location every time you need a delivery made. Even if the fee or surcharge isn’t that significant, you may find that it will really add up over a period of time. By opening an account with a good residential courier you might also find yourself getting other benefits such as access to online order placement and real time quote systems which are usually only made available to account holders at a messenger company.

Paul McDuffy is a consultant for Phoenix courier and Phoenix freight services companies as well as national courier service businesses.