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What is EDI 210 in the Shipping World?

When you’re working with a courier company, the billing end of your business with them is one area where you do not want there to be any mistakes. As when dealing with any company, if your Albuquerque courier ends up making a mistake when it comes to billing, it could end up costing you money. It can actually do this in several ways, either by actually over billing you, or more subtly by simply causing a mistake which will cost you time as you try and recognize where the errors in your bookkeeping is. One way to know that a courier company is doing everything in their power to avoid this kind of mistake is to see if they offer EDI 210 billing.

When electronic operations are tied together through software rather than relying on a person to manually transfer operation, there is a much smaller chance of any type of error being committed. That is why EDI 210 billing is such a valuable type of software to have in place. It helps to automate most of the transactions between the billing department of your courier company and your own accounting software, as well as taking care of automation between the courier company and their own accounting program.

EDI stands for electronic data interchange. This is probably the most commonly used technology within courier software for making sure that all of the data that is compiled during the billing cycle is smoothly transferred between their system and yours.

Accounting software is an important part of how most companies do business these days. Maintaining electronic books is much less time consuming, and much more accurate than trying to do so in the more traditional methods. Part of the reason why this accounting software is so useful is because of its ability to interface with the software in place at companies that you do business with.

Even if you’re not particularly concerned about your courier company having EDI 210 for billing reasons, you may want to realize that this has become an industry standard in the courier business. There is always something to worry about when you do business with a company that does not have their company up to date with technology in their industry. This is because even if one particular technology is not extremely important to you, you may find that they also haven’t implemented another technology which you are going to find would have been much more important.

Harry Silverman is a consultant for albuquerque courier and ca delivery service companies as well as national courier service businesses.