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What is Electronic Driver Dispatch?

Often when a courier company buys new dispatching software, they will try to use the features of that software in their marketing materials in order to show their customers how they are ahead of their competitors in terms of the technology that they use to provide the best possible service. When this happens though, unless you’re familiar with the technology used in the courier industry, you may see features advertised that you don’t even know what they refer to. However, some of these features may actually refer to capabilities that you very much want your courier to have, so it can be useful to learn more about them. The best example of this is electronic driver dispatch.

Electronic driver dispatch is something which is important because it can help to improve every element of the business of a courier company. When a courier company is trying to pass their competition in terms of their service, one of the things that they always need to focus on is increasing the speed of their deliveries. Now, they can’t simply tell their drivers to drive faster, so instead, they need to focus on other ways that they can improve the overall speed of the customer experience with their company, and electronic driver dispatch certainly does that.

One of the biggest delays in the courier business is always dispatching the vehicle to make the pickup. Really, once a pickup is made, most courier companies will make the same delivery in a relatively similar amount of time. However, it is the time that it takes from when the order comes in to when the pickup is made where one company can outshine another, and electronic driver dispatch is the key here.

The reason it helps so much is because this gives the courier company the ability to use all of their tools at once to speed the pickup. They can use GPS location to find out exactly where all their vehicles in the field are when an order comes in. Then, instead of wasting time trying to get that courier by radio, they can simply upload their new instructions for a pickup direct to the device they have with them in the vehicle, including GPS directions to the pickup. Not only is this a fast process, but it also completely eliminates the odds of an error being made when a driver is dispatched, saving more time that could be lost by those types of mistakes.

Calvin Couris is a consultant for courier software and courier dispatch software companies as well as international courier service businesses.