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What is On Site Shredding?

When a large company hires a Philadelphia document management firm to help them deal with their paperwork, they are likely going to be offered several different services. First, they will probably be offered storage. Then, they will be offered specific filing and scanning services for documents that a company needs backed up and to be able to easily recall. Finally, they will be offered a service that will destroy documents which need to be destroyed for various reasons. The best type of this kind of service is an onsite shredding service.

An onsite shredding service is a company that will actually come to your location and destroy your documents for you. This is highly preferable to most of the alternatives for a number of reasons. The primary reason that this is the best option though is one which is related to security. Whether or not you drop your documents off, or have them picked up, if they are not destroyed on site there are always security concerns which remain.

When a company comes to your location to destroy your documents, you can actually have someone from your organization watch every step of the destruction. They will destroy your documents using shredders which they bring to your location. Not only is this equipment capable of destroying large amounts of paper in a small amount of time, but it also does a much more complete job of destroying the paper than the smaller office shredders that some people have under their desks would do.

One of the other important things that will happen when you work with an onsite shredder is that you will meet every person that is going to be working with your documents. This also means that you can have each of them sign a confidentiality agreement. Signing this type of paperwork is common practice for those who work in the document destruction business.

When sending your documents off site though, you may not know every person that is going to be working on your order with the destruction service. You therefore don’t have the protection of knowing that each has signed your required agreement. In addition to the workers themselves, many shredding companies will also have someone from management sign a confidentiality agreement on behalf of the entire company to provide a client with added reassurance. When you’re using a service mostly to protect private information, this type of reassurance is typically very welcome.

Paul Atkins is a consultant for document records management and new jersey records storage companies as well as national courier service businesses.