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What is Podcasting, And Why You Should Use It

Ever since Ben Hammersley coined the term in a Feburary 2004 article in The Guardian, people have been asking themselves the same question: What is Podcasting? Some people feel like they are in some sort of exculsive club who have access to this whole medium that other people do not even know exists. On the other hand some people feel lost when someone brings up podcasting or a podcast because they are not really sure what they are talking about and they feel like they are missing out on something that the rest of the world is in tune to.

The basic definition of a podcast is that it is a video or audio file that is released in a series. The best way to describe what a podcast is, is that it is a video or audio blog post that is available through various podcasting services and through subscriptions to the podcast feed. This is similiar to RSS feed but instead of being limited to text and images this is just breaking the mold with other mediums.

Some people have had a complaint about such feeds. These people claim that podcasts are bad for the marketing industry. Some people say it is bad because it is not as accessible as a traditional blog or RSS feed, because you have to have podcast streaming software or a portable media device to be able to reach your target market.

Some of the problems have been solved in the very fast few years since way back in 2004. There are 3 major syndication protocols: these are programs that are used to subscribe and gain access to podcasts. Also, now that iTunes and Zune are both available you can download podcasts not only on all their portable devices but also you can have install them on any computer regardless of platform. This has solved a lot of the accessibility problems people were having with podcasting.

Now as far as the use of podcasting to the modern Internet marketer goes, it gives the blogger a way to get his voice heard and image seen. This is very important in all forms of brand marketing and in social marketing. It is not enough to have an account with the three big social media companies if no one sees your face or hears your voice.

The other main reason to use podcasting is that video and audio are usually the mediums of the TV and radio. With the advent of podcasting and the ease of posting video on services such as You-Tube, these mediums are not really falling behind but their marketing deptartments are going to have to stay on their toes to keep up with the changing world.

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