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What is Private Label Content? – Part 1

Private Label Content is a great inexpensive way to fill up your website with unique high-quality information. Over the course, we’ll discuss how to differentiate your site from the thousands of drones out there who are pumping out millions of pages of duplicate content. If you haven’t heard, search engines are now penalizing sites with duplicate content by dropping them in rank or banning them altogether!

Private Label Content, or PLC for short, can come in many forms. The most common of which is information in a text format. They can be articles, ebooks, manuals, or even graphics. Freelance writers who are experts in their field write them. Just about every topic is covered, from love and romance to Internet marketing and business.
Subscribers are allowed the use this content and put their name on it as the author. How they use the material is only limited by their imagination.

Common uses include:
-Print Books
-Membership Sites
-Face to face courses
-Mini courses
-Teleclass content
-Webcast content
-Podcast content
-Blog content
-Content for your Autoresponder
-Ezine content
-Articles for your site to build AdSense income pages
-Viral Reports
-Tips Lists

However, there are some restrictions. The restrictions will vary from provider to provider, but generally speaking, Private Label Content will have these restrictions:

-You cannot claim copyright to PLC
-You cannot submit to article directories
-You cannot offer the content with resale or reprint rights
-You cannot bundle and repackage the material for resale

You can however re-write them in your own words. If the changes are significant enough to make it “unrecognizable as the original article”, then you may copyright them as your own and do whatever you wish.

Right now, Private Label Content is available only to subscribers of content information providers. One of the better providers for PLC is The unique thing about their program is that in addition to providing hundreds of fresh articles every month, they have their own members write and submit articles for review. If the articles are of high quality and meet all of the requirements, it will be available to all subscribers for use. In return, members whose articles are accepted into the directory get a free month of service. Hence, a lot of their content is very unique from other information brokers, and members get the opportunity to get a free month of service!

In Part 2, I will discuss in more detail how to make the most of Private Label Content by:
-Selling exclusive information products for pure profit!
-Generating unlimited free traffic to your web sites!
-Increasing Affiliate and Adsense Pay Checks!

Robert Rogers is a writer in the Washington DC area. For more free tips and resources, visit his website
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