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What is Process Serving

Process serving, and in turn, the process server, are an important part of how legal matters are conducted in the United States. It is important to realize that there are differences from state to state in how these laws are written, and how they are applied. The act of process serving means presenting someone with a legally binding document that becomes binding when they take delivery of it. This might be something like a subpoena, or a summons. The difference in the laws between various states has mostly to do with who can take possession of that document and have it become binding on the individual named. In certain states it can only be the person actually named in the document itself. However, in other states it can be their spouse, or another person that they are residing with at the time the document is delivered.

If you deal in the legal business, then you’re likely going to have to have the number of a reliable company to hand that will undertake process serving duties. There are some companies who do this as their sole line of business, and other times, you might find an organization like a Miami courier service who in addition to delivering regular packages also delivers summons and other documents to people as requested.

If you’re having someone served for the first time you might be concerned about how much it is going to cost. The good news is that having someone served isn’t really all that expensive. It would be very unusual to have to pay more than a hundred dollars for a process server, and usually it would be under seventy five.

There is in some cities a fair bit of competition in the process serving industry. That is because of the various companies you might have that have a few people or a division dedicated to process serving, like the example of a courier company noted above, and all the companies which offer process serving as their main line of business. Shopping around for a while to find the best process servers can be helpful, because you can find servers who have a more successful rate of finding the people named in the documents and making sure they receive the documents. You can also shop around for the best possible rates, as in a competitive industry like this there can often be a large price disparity between providers.

Paul McDuffy is a consultant for local Miami courier service and courier service in Florida as well as international courier service businesses.