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What Is The Fastest Shipping Way To Get Goods To Canada?

For many American companies, Canada represents a great, untapped well of customers. Their economy has done better than the American one amidst the global recession, and many see potential buyers of their products, but need to establish firm means of servicing Canadian customers. One of the most important of those is finding courier services that ship quickly and efficiently to Canada.

Many that have tried to do business with Canadian customers have at first tried using the Postal Service. Unfortunately, many are met with disappointment when they try that method. The larger shipping companies like FedEx and UPS may be suitable for giant companies doing business in Canada. However, the cost of using companies like this often makes their services prohibitive for the smaller businessman making his first international sale. Instead, people often have much more luck by using a smaller local courier that is versed in international shipping. This is especially possible if you’re doing business out a city that is closer to Canada, such as New York, Detroit, or Seattle.

Companies like these will have all of the knowledge that you require when you’re shipping internationally for the first time. They will be able to ensure that your packages are going to be able to get across the border successfully. That will involve teaching you about all of the required paperwork that must accompany such shipments, and telling you how to fill it out properly.

These types of companies can also give you accurate quotes about how much it is going to cost to ship to Canada. In addition to the brokerage fee that you’re always going to have to pay when shipping internationally, there are taxes that any goods going into Canada will face. There may also be additional trade fees or duties which your courier can coach you on.

The goal is to find a smaller courier that has a steady stream of regular deliveries to Canada. That is the best way to find a courier that is going to be cost effective but still successful in making you deliveries every time. The best type of company would be one that has a regularly scheduled delivery that goes across the border. Then you know that they are experienced in making sure that all of their shipments can cross the border regularly. Once you find a courier like this, you can confidently expand your marketing to include the Canadian market.

Paul McDuffy is a consultant for trucking service and Minneapolis courier service companies.