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What is the Meta Title and Description Tag

The title tag is the title of the document. It appears on top of the browser bar of the document page. It also show up in the search result. It is important to optimize the title with keywords. If you don’t optimize the title with keywords, your site will never do well in the search engine. Even though optimizing the content with keywords is important, the optimization of the title is more important. Normally, the search engine will scan the title for keywords first before scanning the content. Because the title is the first thing that the search engine sees, you have to optimize it properly with keywords.

The title should describe the content of the document. It should not be misleading. You must never tell lies in the title. When the visitors find out that you did not fulfill the promises as stated in the title, they will have a bad impression on you. After they have a bad impression on you, they will never come back to visit your site anymore. The return visitors are the most valuable visitors because they are the ones that are interested in your product or services. They keep coming back your website because they are hesitating or planning to buy a product. There are many reasons why they didn’t buy the product when they first visit your site. It could be that they are doing research on different stores that are offering the same product. It could be that they are saving up money and planning to buy the product in the future. By keeping the returning visitors happy, you will be able to increase the sales conversion rate. The returning visitors will surely buy from you one day if he or she keeps on coming back to your site.

The Meta description describes the content of the page. It usually contains 2 – 5 sentences. It is not wise to write a long paragraph in the Meta description field because no one will read it. The Meta description is shown in the search result. When a person searches for a keyword, the search engine will crawl the content of the relevant site. If it detect that the content have the queried keywords, it will display the portion that have the most keywords repetition. If the content does not have keywords, it will check whether the site have a Meta description. If the page has a Meta description, it will scan it for keywords. If it happens to have the queried keywords, it will display it in the search results. It is important to optimize the Meta description with keywords.

If you don’t optimize it with keywords, you will have lesser chance of ranking for the targeted keywords. In case the content doesn’t have the keywords, the Meta description has the keyword and you will rank on the search result. Even if the content on your site is optimized with keywords, adding a Meta description will greatly help in your search result

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