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What Makes a Basement Waterproofing Expert Reliable?

Even for those homeowners who have had damp proofing or tanking services, rising damp is still one of those basement issues that doesn’t seem to go away. The techniques did not work, and the basement is still damp. And, considering that England weather tends to be quite rainy and humid, a basement is a prime environment for mold, which makes it all the more necessary to be properly fixed.

How Your Basement’s Condition Effects Your Whole Home

Have you been smelling something “musty”? Do you dread entering your basement because it’s dark, smelly, and just over-all uncomfortable? Well, there’s some good and bad news if you find yourself avoiding your basement for these reasons.

Here’s the bad news: Those qualities you’re reserving to only describe your basement will soon describe most of your home.

Studies show that nearly half of the air you breathe from the first floor of our home is actually from your basement. So, maybe the smell is limited to your basement, but it won’t be too long before it spreads into the rest of your home. This needs to change. You can’t just cover this up because it will keep coming, growing, and worsening until the problem is removed.

This is where the good news enters the scene. There’s a way to solve your damp basement issues, and this will be a one-time lasting fix.

Well, that’s settled, now back to the big issue: you want to know how to trust your basement waterproofing contractor. By simply choosing a full-time basement waterproofer instead of a plumber or another contractor, you already have a more reliable contractor. Your basement waterproofing contractor is there to fix the problem.

Here are some characteristics to consider when meeting with various basement waterproofing contractors:

1. Is the contractor open and honest? If you’re meeting with a contractor who doesn’t quite answer your questions, but tends to “dance around” subjects, and confuses you more than reassures you, then you’ve probably found an inexperienced or deceptive contractor. Your basement waterproofing expert should be able to evaluate your basement and provide you with their concise and easy-to-understand method to solving your basement problems.

2. Is the contractor on time, prepared and organized? Everyone understands the value behind professionalism, but not everyone is adherent to the information. You deserve the best, and as such, the best will stand out among the rest. The best contractor will arrive on time or will call if there are any unforeseen delays. The best does not mean perfect! Once the contractor arrives, he/she should be prepared to give you all the information you need and perform the necessary tasks to evaluate your basement environment. The contractor should be neat and orderly, because this demonstrates that he/she takes your business seriously and took time before your meeting to be prepared. This shows he/she is serious, wants to help, and wants to do the best job possible!

3. Is the contractor focused on your problem and finding the best remedy that meets your needs? You don’t want to just deal with a salesman who doesn’t hear a word you say about your needs and financial parameters. Instead, you want to know that your contractor is hearing your perspective and working with you. But, realize that if this person is a trained expert, he/she should take the reins on the operation, to a degree. You’re considering hiring this person because of his/her knowledge, so give the person a chance. Regardless, if your needs are not met — professional or not — do not hire the contractor.

4. Is the contractor offering the industry’s finest products? You want the best solution to your rising damp, so be sure that you can trust the products that the contractor wants to use to waterproof your basement. It’s not a bad idea to do your research before meeting with the contractor. This way you know what questions to ask and you won’t be easily confused or manipulated.

Want a waterproofing contractor who meets these requirements? Contact the experts at Trace Basement Systems. They’re a part of the internationally renowned Basement Systems, Inc. Network, and utilize the industries finest cellar conversion and basement waterproofing products. For basement waterproofing in Wales, and across the UK, contact Trace today!