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What Part Does Your Blog RSS Feed Play in Your Blog Marketing Strategies?

Utilizing your blog RSS feed has many advantages for your fledgling site/blog. The first and foremost of these is that these feeds are a tremendous aid in getting your pages indexed. Google is fascinated with the most current, up to date content available on the Web, and if you are a regular poster, and have new and useful content presented regularly, you will be seeing a lot of the GoogleBot. Let’s take a closer look at how and why RSS feeds need to play a large role in your blog marketing.

If by some quirk of chance you aren’t aware of what RSS feeds are, or how they work, here is a quick summary: They are essentially a group of feed formats, designed to deliver frequently updated content in a readable, standardized fashion. They can be read through a “reader” which is standard on most newer versions of web browsers. The purpose of RSS feeds is to allow frequently updated web pages to be syndicated throughout the Web using these feeds, thus expanding a sites reach, and keeping customers and other interested parties up to date on what is happening with you and your site.

Putting RSS feeds to work for you on your site or blog is a very simple matter. If you have a blog, you already possess a feed. You can access this feed by clicking the orange icon in the browser bar. Copy the address that it takes you to: this is your feed address for this webpage. You will need this later. It you have a static HTML site, there are tools, some free some paid, that will help you generate a feed for your site.

Once you have your feeds address in hand, you’ll want to submit it to the major RSS feed aggregators. These will help your feed get noticed, and also aid greatly in indexing your site in the search engines. There are at this writing some 50-60 aggregators. You only have to submit your feed to them once, and you really don’t have to do all of them either. Once it is in their database, it is updated whenever any new content is put on your blog or site. This is a task that can take some time, but is also easily outsourced.

Adding other RSS feeds as content on your site also has some advantages. Not only will your readers have access to current news and information in your niche or market, you will also have a steady stream of new and updated content being placed on your site, all without you lifting a finger. These feeds are very easy to add, especially on blogs.

Making good use of any RSS feeds that are generated by your content, wherever it is, including article directories and Web 2.0 properties, is a terrific and free way to get your site or blog noticed, and ultimately receive more traffic!

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