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What Should You Get for Your Cell Tower Lease?

Many land owners are approached by a cellular representative company and unfortunately have no idea what they should be paid for the rent on their property for a cell tower lease. There are professionals, groups, companies and attorneys with years of experience in this very thing who can help determine a fair market value for properties in these situations. Land owners must remember, though, that just because their neighbor gets a certain amount every month for the rent of their property that that does not mean that they will get the same amount. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to making such determinations, so it is important that land owners understand what they are up against and what they have rights to in these situations.

Professionals are able to assess values for cell tower lease rent based on generally three situations. The first is that the property should be unique and give the carrier really no other option for choosing another persons property. If yours is the only available property they have, this will for sure drive up the value and the amount of money that a land owner should be paid every month. The professionals will determine how much the carrier will have to pay before they choose to build a site or not to build. Although it does cost the land owner money to hire these professionals for help, this is where the real money saving value comes into play.

Another situation would be if the property is preferred but there are also other options. Professionals who are hired to help with a cell tower lease agreement will attempt to determine how much the land owner can push before the carrier elects to move on to a different property, and the professionals will do so using comparable lease data that they should already have in their databases to use as relevant comparison material. Experienced professionals will have plenty of leases that they can pull out and refer to as they need to in order to help their clients with their own cases, which is why experience is so critical in this field.

The third scenario is if the land owners property is one of many potential available properties in the area. Unfortunately most companies will be of little value here, simply because the fair market value of his property is what the neighbor will accept to have the tower put on his property instead. A cell tower lease agreement is a touchy one, and really should be handled by the land owner with the aid of experienced professionals.

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