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What to Expect from Cell Phone Tower Leasing

There are many land owners that have been approached by wireless cell phone company about a potential cell phone tower leasing contract. The companies are interested in leasing land from these land owners for the erection of one of their cell phone towers. Land owners need to be educated and be aware of the many laws, stipulations and advantages that would apply to them in the event that they enter into a successful contract regarding a tower and their land. When a cellular phone company offers a rental income in exchange for the use of land to a land owner, it would be advantageous of that land owner to have help from a real estate asset management company that has the knowledge to help them get the most out of that agreement.

If you are a land owner, you need to make a real effort to really understand what you are entering in to when you discuss a cell phone tower leasing agreement. You have rights regarding your land, but you need to understand that the operator also has rights, and you need to respect that. Your goals are to maximize your revenue from the deal but you also want to minimize your obligations at the same time. How do you know what rights you have? How do you know what you give up? Can the phone company back out? Can they come onto your property at any time without your additional consent? There are some factors that you should take into consideration for these deals to achieve those goals when you talk with a carrier or with a real estate asset management company.

You have to make sure that you talk with a cell phone tower leasing company that is authorized by the carrier, because if you do not, you may jeopardize your rights and your benefits.

The first thing you should consider with the cell tower ground lease is the location and topography of your land. A carrier will want to hold an investigation of the site to determine how feasible it would be to put a tower up. Most of the time, a suitable cell tower lease site will be about 2,500 square feet in area with land that is flat, has few natural barriers and is easily accessible. You are not responsible for hiring people to do the survey, the phone company is.

Be sure that you are familiar with local ordinances that are in place to be sure that you will even be permitted to put a tower up on your property. Many municipalities require that the land owners get a variance granted (or at least an exception granted) before construction of a cell tower is in place and before a cell phone tower leasing agreement is signed.

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