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What You Need to Know About Website Hosting

Internet has become part of people life now. From blogging to Facebooking, everyone wants to have their piece of territory in the internet. Some start to blog about their life; some start to involve in e commerce; some built the world best search engine; some make millions of dollars. No matter what you want to do online, you need one thing – web hosting.

What Is Web Hosting? If you do not know about this you are by far outdated but do not worry as it is easy to catch up. Imagine there is a desktop in front of you, inside the desktop there is a hard disk to keep all the files and folder. And web hosting is the storage space inside the hard disk except the hard disk is kept inside a machine with stronger computing power. We call it server. Instead of normal files and folders, we keep website files and system files inside a web hosting.

Type of Web Hosting. There are many type of hosting you can find outside. Some of the popular kind is shared, dedicated, reseller and VPS hosting. Shared hosting as its name speaks it is shared among the users. Imagine there is 100GB sized storage and it is shared among 100 users. There is boundary for the resource each user can use and the boundary is managed by the provider. This kind of hosting is usually used by bloggers and small and medium business owners. For your information shared hosting is the most popular web hosting in the world.

Opposite of shared, dedicated hosting is a server solely dedicated for just 1 user. With dedicated server you gain control on everything therefore users should have acquired sufficient technical knowledge to use this kind of hosting. Big websites need this to cater for their big volume of visitors and files. In another hand, VPS (Virtual Private Server) is actually quite alike with dedicated hosting. It has a dedicated storage and IP address. The difference between the 2 is that VPS users share the same computer server while dedicated hosting user have a dedicated server for them. Reseller hosting is meant for those who want to be a web host themselves. They subscribe reseller account and divide the storage into smaller pieces and then resell to others.

After knowing the difference of each, it should be clearer when you come to getting a web host for yourself. Usually 85% of the people need only shared hosting as the features are sufficient enough to build decent stuff.

Shared Hosting Providers. There are many providers in the world nowadays. So many that it is very difficult to decide which host is good. For your information, not every web host is the same as each uses different technology. That is why some are backyard web host and some are world class web host. If you do not filter properly you are going to have a bad time messing with them.

So how do we identify a quality one? That’s only one answer – research! You should research a web host thoroughly from their features to their customer feedback. Check how good they are and how bad they probably are too.

Final words, web hosting is a long term investment for your website. So do make sure you understand it and learn how it can help you in building your kingdom online. You never know how big the impact can web hosting causes to you.

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