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What’s a Chef Job Description

A chef job description can vary, depending upon what kind of chef you choose. Certainly you’d need different skills if you were to brandish knives in a dance of culinary creation or create flaming deserts.

If you’re looking at a good middle-of-the-road job in a place such as Dennys or Red Lobster, that’s going to be different expectations than if you’re going to be cooking at Les Chevron.

However, patience is always at the top of the list of the skills that you’ll need, no matter what job you take. Since being a chef is truly an art, everybody thinks they can be a critic even if they have not the slightest clue how to cook a meal. Complaint is what people are made out of. “This is too hot, now it’s too cold. The meat is too red, now it’s too brown. There’s a fly by my plate. I ordered red wine.” All of those will be blamed on the chef, whether or not any of them are actually the chef’s responsibility or not.

A chef needs to be super-fast during the times that seventy people are out there and very patient when there’s nobody. He has to be able to have everything be ready NOW, but have nothing taste like it came from a microwave. He has to not take three hours to prepare a thing that takes three hours to prepare. In a nutshell, he needs to be impossibly perfect and magical, combined. And, even if he gave the perfect meal – nobody will say he did a good job. So, if you’re not discouraged after I said all that, keep going. You’ll get there and it will be fun.

A chef job description will include the ability to drop something onto the floor, then shrug and wash it off if that’s the only steak that’s left in the walk-in cooler. A chef job description means that you somehow make one waitress be able to do the work of five without making her feel rushed.

A chef has everything to do with the moral of the entire kitchen help. If they’re filled with energy, the place will feel like electricity and everybody will feel energized. That will spread out to the floor and everybody will love their meal. If the chef is drinking, and keeps hiding in the walk-in-cooler… only bad things can come out of that. The chef is the band leader, the orchestra maestro. If he’s doing his job right, then everybody benefits. Steaks are perfectly done, waiters feel competent, even the bus boys don’t feel degraded with what they do. From the top-to-the-bottom of the moral, that has all to do with the head chef.

So, a chef job description is particular to whatever restaurant he works for. The chef generally has the responsibility of ensuring that the deep-fat friar is filled with new fat, but not too often. The grills need to be scraped down and cleaned each day. Any wood or stainless steel counters must be disinfected with the right kind of disinfectant. The floors must be disinfected and washed every night. Each of those jobs must be seen-to to ensure that the help is doing them. The chef generally makes sure that the dishwasher is working properly, that the pot washer is not soused. The waitresses generally have a thousand problems with their current boyfriend and must be kept from perpetually text messaging.

These are some of the things that are in a chef job description.

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