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What’s a Job as a Pharmacy Tech Like?

Pharmacy technicians are essentially assistants to certified pharmacists. In essence, a pharmacy technician’s duties entail receiving and filling prescriptions for patients. Preparing prescription involves several steps including getting prescription orders, counting, dispensing, quantifying and weighing medications, combining them, choosing the appropriate prescription container, making prescription labels and finally, pricing and filing the prescription. The pharmacist then reviews the prescription before passing it to the patient. Sometimes, pharmacy technicians provide advice on diet and nutrition. As such, employers are now asking for certified pharmacy technicians.

Pharmacy technicians have the flexibility of working part time or full time and may be asked to work weekends and evenings. The break-down of the job description of a typical pharmacy technician includes the following. This is an extensive list and some duties are only applicable to some jobs.

1. Ensuring that information included on prescriptions are complete and correct.

2. Confirming that patients receive the correct prescriptions

3. Keep drugs in the proper storage and security condition

4. Respond to queries and requests

5. Put medications in bottles and make and attach labels

6. Give customers basic information, refer them to the pharmacist and provide them with assistance

7. Give a cost to prescriptions which have been filled

8. Maintain equipment and environment and disinfect glassware based on prescribed methods

9. Create and maintain customer files, comprising of medications they take

10. Order, tag and tally inventory of medications, chemicals and supplies and enter information in a database

11. Accept and stock delivered supplies, confirm amounts against invoices and notify relevant personnel of inventory shortages

12. Move medication from vials to the proper amount of sanitary, disposable syringes ensuring that freshness is preserved

13. Add quantified drugs to intravenous solutions under sanitary conditions to organize intravenous packs under pharmacist direction

14. Provide and observe robotic machines that distribute medicine into containers and tag the containers

15. Organize and process medical insurance claim forms

16. Compound drugs in accordance to prescriptions

17. Mix oral solutions, ointments and creams

18. Cash customers payments

19. Calculate costs for medication and equipment given to hospital patients and update database with relevant information

20. Ensure that customers receive medications and pharmaceutical supplies by assisting them with drop off and pick up

21. Ensure the proper merchandising of health care products.

22. Scheduling and retaining workflow

23. Pre-pack bulk medication

24. Purchasing and billing

25. Using computer systems to enter and process information

26. Providing relevant information to team members

27. Analyzing information and evaluating results to solve problems

With such an extensive list of job duties, it is important that pharmacy technicians display professionalism, possess good communication skills, be a team player, be honest and reliable, detail oriented, organized, friendly and customer service focused, good with information ordering, have deductive reasoning skills, have effective time management skills and be an active and quick learner. Knowing the key principles of customer service such as customer needs assessment, providing quality service and evaluating customer satisfaction will set a good pharmacy technician apart from others in the field.

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