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When Should You Hire A Cabinet Refinisher?

Many people who have older kitchens or whose cabinets have suffered mild finish damage mistakenly assume that they have to replace the entire set of cabinets in order to help the room look great again. But replacing cabinets altogether can easily cost many thousands of dollars, and in today’s tough economic climate, not too many of us are willing to spend that kind of cash. If your cabinets are looking nasty, perhaps all they need is a little refinishing work. Here are some examples of when it’s appropriate to bring in a cabinet refinisher.

Water Damage Repair

If a water leak upstairs has dribbled through the ceiling and down your cabinets, or if the kitchen sink overflowed and did major damage to the cabinetry underneath, a cabinet refinisher can usually repair the damage without calling for a replacement. A good repair team will remove the door front or do the fix on site if the cabinet itself needs help. The wood is sanded down to its raw state then refinished however you’d like it within just a few days.

Dingy Finish

Maybe you like the color of your cabinets and they are structurally in good shape: but years of cooking grease exposure and its accompanying accumulation of dirt and grime can give otherwise sound cabinets a dingy finish. A refinisher can clean all those years of abuse off and restore the cabinets to their original beauty.

A Change of Color is In Order

Over the years, trends in kitchen cabinet colors change just as the popular colors for appliances do! That light pickled oak finish that looked so wonderful when you built your house during the 90’s is starting to look awfully dated, isn’t it? One of the most popular new colors for cabinets is a painted black lacquer finish. Influenced by art deco, this look can be ultra modern and chic or the color can be distressed for a more “French country” look.

You Want Something Original

A good cabinet refinisher will be up to speed on all of the latest styles and techniques that can help turn your kitchen into something really original and unique to your personality. Refinishers specialize in all kinds of different glazes, antiquing effects such as crackling, and other techniques. Having your cabinets redone professionally means that you will not be forced to live with a kitchen that looks like everyone else’s on your block: it will be a reflection of you.

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