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Where Will you Locate your Work at Home Business Workspace?

When you first start think about setting a work at home business, one of the things that you must take into consideration is where you will have your workspace. Regardless of the kind of business you choose to run, you will need somewhere within your home to use as a base and thinking about this must be a priority before committing to any specific work at home business idea.

The first thing you need to consider is how much space the work at home business you hope to run will take. What kind of equipment will you need for the business? How much room will it take up? Will you need keep a supply of products/supplies ready for sale/use in your work at home business? Will you need to have a quiet space away from the daily noise activity in the home? Will you need power points? What about a telephone point?

Do you need to be able to observe your children as you work? Does your workspace need to comply with any laws (for example health and hygiene standards if you are thinking of starting a business involving food items).

Once you have identified the kind of space and how much of it you will need to run your proposed work at home business, take a walk around your home. Where can you imagine your workspace would work best? Where will it create the least disturbance to the normal flow of movement in the house? If you have small children, is there somewhere that you can lock your business materials and supplies where they can’t access and investigate when you are occupied doing other things? If you need peace and quiet whilst you work, is there somewhere you can set up your business office that is out of the way of most daily distractions?

The ideal situation is to have a room that you can call your own, but for most work at home business owners – especially those with children at home – this is future dream and so some form of “doubling up” needs to be the answer to the workspace situation. For some owners, it will be the master bedroom that will take on a dual role, for other their family room or even the garage will become a major part of their day. If all you need is a desk for your computer and a shelf for paperwork, you should be able to incorporate this almost anywhere – even tucked away in a space under the stairs!

Wherever you choose to place your workspace, arrange any existing furniture so that you create a “cubicle” type of space that you can put off-limits to the rest of the household.

It may seem a trivial point to place such importance on when choosing your work at home business, but if you are restricted for space, it could be an expensive mistake to underestimate how much of a working area you need in order to make a success at the work at home business you create.

Martin Boyd is the owner of a Work At Home Income Directory dedicated to helping work at home income seekers to maximise there income and find work from home opportunities.