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Why a Financial Planning Career is a Safe One

If you have good communication skills, you might be ripe for having a financial planner career.

A financial planner helps both businesses and individuals to plan for their investments. One good thing about being a financial planner is, if you lose someone’s money – it’s not your money. You still stay in business even if every one of your clients were to go bankrupt. Isn’t that about as great as it can get?

It’s a lot like being a weatherman. People like to blame the weatherman when he’s said it was going to be sunny, even if it really rained afterwards; but does anybody ever fire the weatherman? No, they never do. People will always blame a downturn which caused all their money to go ‘south’ on ‘economic down-trends’, just as they blame tornadoes on ‘the weather’; they don’t blame either of those things on people. So, you might have been completely wrong, but you won’t get either fired or sued for saying whatever it was that you said. How many jobs can you be in where that’s the case?

One of the reasons for both of those cases is, everybody knows that in both cases random events really rule the world. In some cases we fool ourselves into thinking that random events don’t rule the world… but in the case of both the economy and the weather, we can be sure that it does.

Therefore, a financial planner career is a perfect place to be in such troubled times. Whatever you say, people will want to hear it; and, if it turns out that you weren’t right – people will just say, “Well, a lot of other people weren’t right, also.”

You’ll be using statistical software and spreadsheets, so it’ll be really easy to do. The computer will basically just give you the answers. Those are the answers that people will take to be firm facts, because they don’t have anything better to work with that that. Everybody knows that little is really understood about the intricacies of how the economy really works; so it gives a veneer of officialdom to your job which people will like. Whenever people get frightened, they need to have an illusion that things will get better; when, in reality, they always get better anyways – but they don’t know that because they never don’t do the things they do that give the illusion that they are working.

If you go to any company where they do such work, most will tell you, outright, that I’m right. They’ve found that it’s a lucrative place to be, and is a place where you can lose as much money for people as you lose without being blamed for it. The ‘economy’ will be the thing that’s blamed, instead. What a great job to get into, then? You get paid for just putting data into programs, following the instructions as are laid out by the software that people have made, and fitting that data into the system. Since it’s the best equations that have yet been developed to mimic economic trend, you can’t be blamed if it fails.

This is very clever, and nobody else but me are going to tell you about it. They’ll be saying all those words which seem to sound good, and seem to give the illusion that someone knows what they’re talking about; when they all really know that they don’t know what they’re talking about. You could see that those people didn’t know what they were talking about when they were on TV just after the market crash. They didn’t know what would happen, because this was all out of their realm. Yet, it didn’t matter that none of them knew what they were talking about. Whatever they said, whether it turned out to be true, or not, was solid gold to anybody that was listening.

Thus, a financial planner career would be the perfect career to get into at this time. You can’t be blamed if the economy fails, you will be well-sought after because everybody is afraid at the moment so they all need ‘professionals’ to tell them what to do, and if what you say doesn’t come true, they’ll just blame it on the economy, not on you.

Now you can go and read all those websites which will tell you the malarkey. Just remember where you heard the plain-and-simple truth.

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