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Why Coupons Might Not Save as Much as You Think

If you are already an avid coupon user, or are thinking about becoming one, there are some things about coupons that you might know-you may not be saving as much as you think, in the long run. Coupons do have some downsides according to some.

First of all, you have to buy a newspaper each week to get the coupons. Newspapers can cost either two dollars apiece, or you can pay a monthly fee to have one delivered-these costs can add up, especially if you don’t really read the paper.

Next, the actual act of couponing takes time. If you are a working mother, or are very busy throughout the day, your time might be better spent taking a nice bath, or going to the gym.

Coupons are great, but sometimes there are just more important things to do with your time. Of course, how you spend your time is completely up to you.

It is a fact that people tent to spend more money because they are using coupons. People will go to a store that they normally do not go to in order to get one thing with a coupon.

While they are there, they will obviously fill their cart with other things that they do not have coupons for, thus making any coupons savings moot. They also may only need to buy one 50 cent tub of yogurt, but be forced to buy four for a dollar and a half because of a coupon.

Another is that they will buy a national brand item with a coupon instead of buying the store brand next to it that would have been cheaper. If you do not have the willpower to go into a store and only buy what you need, you are going to overspend.

But if you have coupons, you may not overspend by as much. On that same note however, you can do simple math in your head to determine that the store brand for $1.79 is cheaper than the national brand for $2.35, even if you have a coupon for 50 cents off, but the national brand is cheaper if you have a coupon for $2 off if you buy three.

Next, there are so many repeat coupons. Sifting through the repeats can take time, but of course, maybe you can use these multiples coupons at different times during your week.

Some say you will become a slave to coupons. Some people are afraid to buy an item until they can find a coupon for it, which may never come.

When it comes to this, just be rational-if you need the item get it! If you can wait and it is not a necessity, wait.

Coupon shopping can take longer. If you are looking for certain items with certain brands, and having to sift through a large stack of coupons, it is a fact that you may end up taking considerable longer than you would without them.

If you are a fast paced busy person, you may want to skip coupons for this reason. If you can afford to take a bit more time and mosey around, you can save more money.

In all seriousness, couponing is truly an art. Some artists are better than others.

I think that everybody could benefit from at least checking the Internet for coupons from their favorite brands. Most people would make back several times the cost of the paper if they used coupons for the items that they were going to buy anyway.

A few people can end up with an almost never ending stream of free items to either use or donate. If you already have too many of a particular item but there is a great sale, think about donating it to a local food shelter, a local church, or a donation industry.

You never know who you may be able to help. When it comes down to it, coupons are for the patient shoppers who are dedicated to savings-if you don’t have the time, don’t bother.

However if you do, more power to you. You could start a food storage purely from coupons if you want a challenge for yourself-now get out there and save.

Tommy Greene is an accomplished expert in family financial services and has been giving seminars for over 15 years. He recommends looking for Utah coupons to save money on everyday-purchases.

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