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Why Education is So Important

The world is moving so fast these days that if you do not have the right education, you could get left behind. Technology touches every part of our daily lives- even the fast food industry relies on computer assisted systems to speed things to their customers. If you cannot figure out the computer at your local fast food shop, where will that leave you?

Today’s communication is carried out mostly electronically- and that communication is faster and faster everyday. Keeping up with the latest gadget or toy is not enough, you have to be able to speak the language of these items as well. It is a college level world out there, how will you keep up if you checked out in high school?

Once upon a time, you could have a good life with nothing more than a high school diploma, but those times are long gone now. Competition for even the lowest level jobs is fierce, and most employers will give the edge to that extra education every time. Jobs that never required a degree before now will certainly be given to the most educated candidate as markets grow tighter and tighter.

Education is not only important on the job front, however. Recent studies show that continually learning will keep your brain more healthy, and could possibly reduce your chances for developing senility or dementia. The more active you keep your brain now, the more active it will remain in the long run is the theory. It does make sense if you think about it: if you start jogging, your body feels healthier after awhile and will actually crave exercise. The same could probably be said for your brain: make it work to learn something new, and it will continually seek out the stimulation of new information to keep itself sharp. There are video games and online sites that advocate this very thought, and they seem to be very well received.

Education is important for your sense of self and self esteem. If you allow yourself to think that you are poorly educated, and therefore deserving of a clunker car, clunker house, clunker life, then you might have a point. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and take charge of your own destiny. Lacking a high school diploma? Get your GED. Barely squeaked by high school? Realize that you are a different person now and assess why you did so poorly back then. Was it because you just could not learn, or was it more like you just did not want to focus on your education at that time? You are an adult now, and will be more focused and goal driven. Never say no to education, never say no to yourself.

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