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Why iNQ Chat Is Best for Social Networking

As the name suggests, INQ Chat 3G features the 3G technology. It is made so for the purpose of social media interaction whilst its users are on the move/on the go. With a 114 mm x 61 mm wide casing the INQ Chat provides an impressive level of social media interaction. It helps that a QWERTY keyboard is included in the set. Again, Internet access is made possible through the 3G technology and the applications and integration for certain social websites makes the INQ Chat really a phone dedicated for social network interaction. And there’s more because aside from the social aspect of the handset it also allows you to make free phone calls through Skype.

Why Focus on Social Networking

Quite obviously, almost everybody is into social networking today. With this current trend of social networking it’s natural that several brands and models in mobile phones are now prioritizing social networking access as a key feature in their phones. The need has just become so apparent within the mobile phone market/It’s natural that several brands and mobile phone manufacturers are now prioritizing social networking access as a key feature in theri phones, such trend has become so apparent in current mobile phone market. That is why INQ Chat 3G is the offering of INQ. This is the reason why this particular mobile phone offers Facebook, Twitter and Windows live applications. And you are not limited to chatting and commenting because the INQ Chat 3G lets you save money through free phone calls on Skype. Because it’s a web based service you can actually make free phone calls and cheap calls overseas.

Multimedia Functions of INQ Chat 3G

Of course, aside from/apart from/besides social networking, people have always been involved into music and then to photos as well. Well, the INQ Chat 3G also provides an MP4/MP3 media player for this purpose/there is an MP4/MP3 media player available with the INQ Chat 3G for this purpose. It even offers a variety of games for entertainment as well/There is also a host of games for entertainment in this mobile phone. Then it also features a 3.15 mega pixel built in camera. With an autofocus feature you can easily snap some shots as things happen/Then this phone also sports a 3.15 mega pixel built in camera with autofocus feature, you can easily snap some shots as things happen. There’s even a quick center finder to ensure you have your subjects where you want them. You can even record video clips. While it’s not the best in the market, you can definitely record the hilarious acts of your friends in your phone. The same camera is also used for video call capabilities in the phone.

Connectivity Features of INQ Chat 3G

For/In terms of/With regard to connectivity, the INQ Chat 3G comes with class 10 versions of GPRS and EDGE. You even get a bonus in the form of the Bluetooth and USB connectivity. With the GPS function satellite navigation is provided when necessary/Satellite navigation is provided when necessary with the GPS function. With its HSDPA connection, social media, e-mail and web surfing are made possible through the INQ Chat 3G. In fact, this phone is quite fast in accessing websites. It can even handle large websites pretty well compared to many phones in the same market/You can browse large websites pretty smoothly compared to many phones in the same market. An internal memory of 100 MB is provided. If you want more memory, there’s a microSD card slot too so you can increase capacity up to 4 GB/This mobile phone comes with a 100 MB on-board memory, which however, can be extended to 4 GB with a microSD caed slot, if you want more memory.

Great Features with Great Looks

With a remarkably colorful TFT display screen which has 256,000 color display capabilities, photos are displayed in great colors/Its remarkably colorful TFT display features 256,000 color display capabilities, thus making photos displayed in great colors. The 320 x 240 pixel screen size is definitely enough to display decent pictures as well. The responsive QWERTY keyboard makes texting and emailing more efficient and convenient/Text typing and emailing are more efficient and convenient due to the responsive QWERTY keyboard. Navigation within the phone is really easy too with the home screen widgets featured in the INQ Chat 3G/With the home screen widgets featured in the INQ Chat 3G, navigation within the phone is also quite easy. You won’t only have cool features but you get to have a cool looking phone as well.

Jerry Smith, the editor of An expert on mobile phone and an observer of UK telecommunication market. He writes reviews on latest mobile phones, and also suggests promotional deals and special offers from mobile phone retailers in UK.

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Jerry Smith, the editor of An expert on mobile phone and an observer of UK telecommunication market.

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