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Why is it Impossible for YOU to Make Money Online ? You Won’t Believe This…

It is a proven fact that majority websites that pumps up never make a single dime.

While stats have proven that there’s a million dollar industry existing online.

It is simple, those who fail profiting from their internet business fail to educate themselves with the required knowledge needed to make real money online.

After researching 100s of newbies, here are some possible points I believe, that leads to complete failure of a newbie.

Check this out…

1. There are many that approach internet as a ‘get rich quick’ machine. They keep on hunting for that HOT button that can make them millions overnight.

2. They keep on reading 100s of internet marketing ebooks, falling a victim of information overload. The worst part is, they never get started.

3. They fail to pick up their BUTTS and do something to get started, instead keep on thinking… Can I do it ??

4. They keep on jumping from one business opportunity to another. Rather than stick to one and make it profitable.

5. They lack patience, passion, determination and a killer desire to succeed.

They want instant results without putting in any creative efforts.

6. They lack technical skills. They get discouraged with this fact, rather than educating themselves with some basic technical skills like designing a site.

7. There are many who never take their internet business seriously.

They are not willing to invest even $100 in advertising their website, educating themselves or expanding their business.

8. They fail to apply important business building steps and wonder why they aren’t making any money.

For instance, when I tell my customers to create their own copy or design killer graphics to increase their website conversion, there are few that respond back saying it is difficult and out of their reach.

9. They fail to realize that building a profitable internet business requires hard work as well as smart work.

Just throwing up a website and expecting to make millions is NOT how this ebiz game works.

You need real patience, right information and know-how to succeed on the net.

10. And the worst part is, they aren’t persistent. Just stick to your business no matter what happens is the secret to success.

You might be seeing yourself sitting on the above points with mere frustration and disappointment.

If yes, think over it, improve on it and move on.

The message of the day is… “Try and Try till you Succeed”

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