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Why not Sell Internationally on eBay?

One of the incredible aspects about eBay can be demonstrated by the volumes involved.

Currently, there are 168 million eBay members – people who have registered to buy and/or sell. is currently the 10th most visited site on the internet as measured by In the UK, is 102 on the alexa list.

The USA auction market is around ten times the size of the UK market. (Based on the number of items on auction at the time of writing – 1,105,667 on UK eBay and 11,025,326 on

In fact eBay has 27 different country sites.

If you’re a seller, it may pay you to consider making your items available to the wider eBay market. Of course you need to consider issues such as delivery costs, export and import regulations and other matters. But if your items can be easily packaged, or are digital, and if the winners anyway are paying for the postage, you really should consider making them available to eBay bidders world-wide.

The way you do this is relatively easy. When completing the Sell pages to create an auction, on the Shipping page, either tick the box that says “Will post worldwide”, or check the countries to whom you wish your item to be made available.

You should also give an idea in your auction description of the shipping costs relating to the countries you are willing to post to.

Selling internationally doesn’t cost any more in terms of fees, and it exposes your item to a massive new market.

Definitely worth a try with the right items.

Brian McGregor is an eBay and internet entrepreneur. He recently created the ‘eBay Master Class’ for eBay sellers. For your free copy, please go to