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Why Selling ‘Wants’ Always Outsells The Selling Of Needs.

Television pervades our lives. It has become a ‘staple’. It is something that we all ‘need’. When we move into a new home we ‘need’, a refrigerator, a lounge suite, a bed etc (and a television set).

Well, in reality a television set is NOT something we need, it’s something we believe we need. In fact our Human ‘needs’ are relatively few. We need shelter, food, love, and purpose in our lives. Owning a television set is not anywhere to be found on any known list of Human ‘needs’.

So, what on earth does this astute observation about Human needs have to do with television or Internet marketing practices?

A lot.

You see marketing has little to do with our basic Human needs. However, it does have a lot to do with appealing to our Human wants. Marketing strategy is situational or circumstantial. The ‘big’ marketing term used here to explain this is ‘phychographics’. It may also be called ‘positioning’. However, whatever marketing techno-babble is used it means ‘situational or circumstantial’ selling. Don’t get confused by the marketing techno-talk.

Wants are different from needs.

For example if you are hungry you know you NEED food. However, the choices you make about what to eat will directly relate to your own existing circumstances.

If you were sitting in the middle of a drought stricken country where there was little food to eat you would not be concerned about WHAT you ate. Your prime concern would be about eating ANYTHING to survive.

However, if you were living in a place with abundant resources, and you had a 6 figure income you would have different ‘needs’. You would probably be making life changing decisions like, ‘which wine should I drink with dinner, the red or the white’? This is not about survival. This is not about need, it’s all about wants.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, “know your customer”. If you know your customer and can fulfill their “needs” (aka wants) then your business will succeed.

So, how do you do that ‘know your customer stuff’ (especially if you haven’t got any customers yet)?

Well, the most valuable time you can ever spend BEFORE you market anything (on the web or anywhere else) is the time you spend identifying what the real and/ or (perceived) needs (aka wants) of your target market group actually are.

The fortunate thing about marketing on the web is that (if you know what you’re doing) the web will actually TELL you what your potential customers WANT. It’s called keyword research.

Understanding how people search on the web, and what they search for is the foundation stone needed to grow ANY successful Internet business.

Keyword research will tell you much more than how to get on the front page of Google. It will tell what products to develop, or promote. It will tell you how to promote these products to the right market, and it will also tell you reams about your potential customers BEFORE you invest one dollar on the promotion of anything.

Mastering keyword research techniques will tell you whether your potential customers ‘want’… a television set or ‘need’ a steak sandwich.

Live Well. Expect Success!

Kenneth Doyle – eAnalyst

Kenneth Doyle Is A Writer And Internet Marketing Consultant,
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