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Why You Should Submit Articles

Starting a new website can be a task upon itself. You find a host, buy a domain name, spend countless hours building your website. You might even submit
the url of your website directly to Google, MSN, and Yahoo. You then wait for your visitors to arrive. And wait. And wait.

Having a great website is no good without visitors. You could even wait and eventually get some customers. If you want a real constant flow of visitors,
you need to do some good ol’ fashioned marketing. Link campaigns are good, but time-consuming. There is a secret way to get your site noticed, both by se
arch engines, as well as other websites, and most-importantly, visitors. Write articles. That’s right, writing articles. Those little 500-700 word artic
les you see here and there on websites.

When you submit them to an article directory, other websites and ezine owners get a chance to get great content, your content, for free. Now, most people
might object to just giving away content, but in this case it is you that gets the real benefit. In your resource box, you put a link to your website. No
w, each of those people that picks up a copy of your article to use, has a backlink to your website. Search engines love that.

Now, when people read your well-written article, they are intrigued enough to find out more. They click the link to your website. Now you have more visit
ors. In fact, with all the articles and the coverage, you are even an expert now.

So, let’s sum this up. You write some articles. 2-3 a week is a good number. Even more gives you better results. You get targetted traffic coming to yo
u, the expert. The search engines love you as everyone is recommending you by the backlinks. Isn’t this exactly what you really need? And the price? Free.

Anthony Kristovich III is the owner of, an article directory, where authors can submit articles for free and publishers can get great free content.