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Will My Courier Pick Up On a Holiday?

Most LTL carriers are going to clearly state in their hours that they do not make pickups on holidays. By the same token though, almost all of those same companies will in fact have some kind of emergency provision that they can make for clients who need an absolute emergency pickup made on a holiday. There are different types of holiday courier service that you are going to get from different types of courier companies, and depending on how frequently you see this being a service that you are going to require, it pays to become familiar with them.

With a courier that says it doesn’t offer holiday service, you will typically have to access their emergency courier services line in order to get a pickup made on a holiday. Most couriers will have some sort of an “after hours” or emergency request only line that they will provide to account holders within their company. If you find that you absolutely need a shipment picked up on a holiday, this is the number that you would have to call in order to get that pickup made.

There are some reasons that you might not want to do this though. The primary reason is the cost. When you use an after hours or emergency request line through a courier company, it means that they are going to have to bring someone in who was only on call to make your delivery. In addition, it is almost a sure thing that the only delivery that they will be working on at that time will be yours. This all means that the cost of your delivery can be much greater than what it would normally cost you to ship with that courier company.

There is another option available to you though. There are now a number of great 24 hour courier companies out there. These companies provide a method for you to get great courier service every day of the year without having to pay a great deal extra for it. In fact, there are actually 24 hour courier companies out there where it will cost you no more to have a pickup made midnight on Christmas Eve than it will to have a pickup made mid-day on any old Wednesday. If you foresee a large need for holiday deliveries at your organization, this is the type of company you want to be working with.

Everette Lyons is a consultant for 3pl providers and intermodal transport services companies as well as national courier service businesses.