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Working From Home – Whats Out There ?

With a financial crisis gripping the world and job losses on the increase many have turned to the internet in an effort to find a second income or even a full time job.

I have always dreamed of earning a living by working from home online and about 6 months ago I decided to venture into these murky waters to see what I could find out.

The first thing I tried out was what is known as “Affiliate Marketing”. There are 2 types of affiliate marketing. The first one and maybe most common is basically multi level marketing or pyramid schemes. The second one is just marketing a product or service and getting paid a commission on each sale.

The first type is very common and was the first thing I tried out. You join a “scheme” and pay a one time fee or a monthly fee and then try to get others to do the same. Most of these schemes that I tried out were simply web hosting matrices. The fees ranges from $10 per month up to $30.

You just set up a subscription via paypal or alertpay and then you market the product (in my case web hosting) online by posting ads or going into chat rooms etc and try to get others to do the same thing. This market is surprisingly big and many people have gone on to be very successful at this and earn a lot of money. I tried many of these companies but I won’t mention their names here.

The fact is that over 90% of these people don’t even need or want the product (web hosting). Most don’t even ever use it. I was an exception however, as I do have some websites that I play with. So essentially people are just paying the monthly fee to be a member of the scheme in hopes of getting others to do the same and make a profit from doing so. Although there is an actual product (otherwise it would be illegal) most people don’t care about the product, they only care about the money making opportunity.

I was able to have some limited success in this field as I successfully recruited a few people into the schemes I was in. The problem I found however was that those people in turn needed to be successful and get others recruited for the whole idea to work. The reality was that the people I recruited ended up dropping out after a month or two because they weren’t successful or making any money. So in the end I ended up dropping out too as I couldn’t see any long term success coming out of it.

I felt like I was constantly bailing water out of a leaky boat. I would get a new recruit only to find one of my old recruits had dropped out. Overall I lost money on every monthly opportunity I tried. I am currently trying out another monthly payment scheme purely out of curiousity and if it doesn’t work (which I don’t think it will based on the performance of the previous schemes) I will drop out and pack in these monthly schemes all together.

There are also a few one time payment work from home opportunities. I tried out a few of them and they turned out to be the most profitable and easiest. It’s only natural as you only make 1 payment so you have essentially forever to market the “product” and make a profit. These schemes don’t really have a drop out rate as you never have to pay again so “dropping out” is never really an issue. What I have found however is that most of the people who join don’t do anything to market for themselves. They just rely on “spillover”.

Spillover is a phenomenon that occurs in “forced matrices”. These are very attractive as it’s possible to earn money without doing anything at all. You can just wait for your sponsors success to trickle down to you. Although I haven’t been on the receiving end of spillover I have certainly provided lots of it to my downline.

One program in particular has been very successful for me as it’s only a one time fee of $3 to join. I have almost 500 people under me after about 7 months. I had no idea when I started it that it would be so easy and successful. Naturally I haven’t made a lot of money from it as the fee is only $3, however it does have the potential to turn into $1000s per month as time goes by and the snowball effect kicks in.

So when it comes to working from home, most of the opportunities you will come across are simply multi level marketing schemes. I am not a big fan of them myself but I decided to try it out anyways as you don’t know until you try. I wouldn’t say I regret trying them out, as I learned a lot about the online market, and who knows, maybe the little $3 scheme will actually turn into a decent income after a year or more.

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