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Yemaya and The History of The Chakra System

I have been asked repeatedly why I continue to talk about chakras. After all, I do write for a website that is titled African Spirituality. I write a lot about Orishas and people either can’t bridge the gap or can’t accept the fact the all religions or spiritual sciences, or forms of new thought all come from one central place, the collective consciousness.

We’ve all heard the argument there is one God and one heaven, but there are a million ways to get there. We are now able to communicate with people from the opposite sides of the world. And we now work and converse with people from different backgrounds, ethnic groups, and countries. The Internet, International trade and commerce have connected us on a level that our ancestors had never experienced, but yet they understood, we are all one.

Most researchers believe that the chakra system began in India more than four thousand years ago. Like most religions, it branched off into sects. The one sect that Westerners are most familiarized with today is the Tantric sect. The word Tantric can be translated into the liberation of knowledge. Tantra is a life practice based on teachings about chakras, kundalini, hatha yoga, astrology, and the worship of many Hindu gods.

However, the Dravidians who originated from the country that is now known as Ethiopia also practiced Tantric yoga. In fact, there are a great deal of scriptures that make the connection between Tantric practices and African practices. Some historians have alluded to the fact that African deities and beliefs heavily influenced the ancient Egyptians. We can see this by studying the city of ancient Kush and their migration patterns to the Northern parts of Africa. The Native American communities also practiced their own forms of the chakra system. Some, such as the Maya Indigenous culture believe that they taught the Indians the energy system.

What does this all mean? It means that we as human beings are all connected. We share information through the collective conscious. The collective conscious is a force that allows people, tribes, and communities from different sides of the country to tap into the same pool of energy to get knowledge and information. The deity Yemaya, the mother of all creation, rules over this pool. When people really began to understand spirituality as a science, as a religion, as a form for new thought. They will begin to understand that all facets of religion are one in the same.

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