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Your First Profit Pulling Minisite – Simple 5 Step Blueprint

Have you ever created a minisite?

Or worst, have you ever felt that it is next to impossible to create a killer money making website ?

It is not that difficult as you think.

Here’s a step-by-step system you can use right NOW to churn out unlimited minisites at rocket speed.

Yes, that’s right. It is possible to create your own cash pulling internet business in less than 1 week, that’s 7 days or less.

Here’s how to do it step by step…

Step 1 – Research Your Niche…

Visit Overture at

Enter a keyword of your niche market. It will show you how many people have searched for that keyword on Overture.

That’s nothing but demand of your niche.

Step 2 – Get or Create a Product to Sell…

If at all there is sufficient demand in your niche, you can consider…

1. Creating your own product OR
2. Grab a product with resell rights OR
3. Research affiliate programs and sell products on commission basis.

Whether it is a product or your own service, you have to sell something to make money.

The fact is, it is extremely easy to sell something on the net once you know the right system.

With little research you can get a HOT product that sells like crazy.

Step 3 – Design a Simple Minisite, its EASY…

Design a simple one-page minisite using Dreamweaver. It is really really easy.

Make sure your site consists of…

1. Benefit laden, exciting sales copy that sells your product.
2. Simple but powerful graphics that grabs your visitors attention.

Step 4 – Get those Robots ready for work…

Automate your website with powerful tools like…

1. Autoresponder.
2. Ad Tracker.
3. Order processing system.

Let these tiny robots work for you tirelessly 24/7 while you are sleeping.

Step 5 – Get lazer-targeted Traffic…

Get traffic, traffic & MORE traffic using…

1. Search Engines.
2. Discussion Forums.
3. Writing Articles.
4. Creating Content Sites.
5. Publishing a weekly Newsletter.
6. Starting your Affiliate Program.

This simple 5-step blueprint will get you started instantly.

If you make a sincere effort and work out with determination, I bet you can get up and ready with your own profit pulling minisite in 7 days or less.

I have done exactly the same thing to churn out profitable internet businesses and encourage you to do it too.

Once you’ve created your first minisite, it’s a snap to create second.

So get started TODAY on your way to internet riches.

Murtuza Abbas specializes in creating simple ‘Profit Pulling Minisites’.

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