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11 Creative Storage Ideas To Help Hide Your Clutter

Nanaimo Homes for Sale

You probably know that buyers looking at Nanaimo real estate for sale make the best offers on homes that aren’t cluttered.

But the truth is, it’s hard to keep everything looking neat, clean, and organized when you still need space to store stuff.

To help sell your home faster, here are 11 creative storage ideas to hide your clutter from qualified buyers.

1. Put coat racks out of sight

Having a coat rack near the front door is convenient when you live in your own home. But it may also send the wrong message to buyers, making them thing you don’t have enough closet storage space.

2. Use decorative baskets for storage

Magazines, newspapers, and even TV and stereo remote controls can be put in stylish baskets made of natural wicker or trays made out of wood. You can also spray paint inexpensive plastic baskets to help them blend in with your shelves.

3. Make your vases multitask

Have vases, pitchers, and boxes on your tables shelves work overtime by storing items like pencils and pens, key chains, and small notes and letters.

4. Add sliding doors to open cabinets and consoles

Installing sliding doors on an open cabinet or console hides clutter and is perfect for smaller rooms with limited floor space. Adding sliding doors with material that compliments a console hides clutter and can act as a visual focal point for the room. They’re also a bonus for small rooms, since sliding doors don’t need extra space to swing open.

5. Creatively hide wall-mounted TV cords

Believe it or not, a plastic shower rod that matches your wall color can be the perfect way to hide electric cords and cables coming down from the TV. Simply cut the shower rod down to size then run the cords horizontally through the rod.

6. Hang curtains in front of home office shelves

A home office is one of the toughest rooms to keep organized, simply because you’re working there every day. Hanging curtains in front of shelves helps to hide the clutter and can actually make a room feel bigger to your buyer. You’ll also be helping your home to stand out from the other Nanaimo real estate for sale buyers are viewing.

7. Let your kitchen counters go bare

The fewer items you have on your kitchen counters, the better. Open counter space makes your kitchen look great. That’s because having too many things on top can make buyers think you don’t have enough storage space.

8. Digitize and file away

Scan and upload to the cloud paperwork that you really don’t need to have originals of. For items like tax records and closing documents, use decorative file and storage boxes. Then put them in your home office or use storage space under the bed.

9. Invest in closet organizers

Speaking of the bedroom, now is the time to invest in close organizers. They help you use closet space more efficiently and make the smallest of closets look extra large. Think of closet organizers as a way to improve the “curb appeal” of your closet. Buyers love to open closet doors and see neatly stacked shoes, belts hung together, and clothes arranged nice and neatly.

10. Refresh your medicine cabinet

Refresh your medicine cabinet by repainting and reorganizing. Glass shelves that are stained, broken, chipped or scratched can be inexpensively replaced. Keep personal items that you use everyday and put the rest in a safe and secluded spot away from prying eyes.

11. Don’t forget the laundry room

It can be tricky organize laundry rooms because they’re small and the washer and dryer take up a lot of space. However, by creatively using ever inch of wall space, you can declutter a laundry room and find extra storage space you never knew you had. Start by installing sturdy wall shelving, then use hanging bins and baskets to store everything from detergent to pet food and trash bags.

Written by Anderson Bernard

Hello, I am Anderson. I am a real estate agent by profession. I also help the people to buy their own dream house. I love to travel.

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